Harmonics Of Healing 4 Friday Eve Jan 23rd and all day Saturday Jan 24th


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Harmonics of Healing 4


A Retreat for Women to

Rest, Reflect, Revive

Friday Evening, January 23, 2015  7:00 PM – 9:30 PM
 and Saturday, January 24, 2015  9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
200 Collip Circle, London Ontario.

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Are You A “Spectator of Life?”


Friends sharing special moment together watching the sunsetHave you ever really sat back and become a “Spectator of Life?”  I was thrown into that role earlier this month   I did not go willingly but looking back on it, I would have to say it was well worth the experience. 
In early August I had some problems with my jaw which made it very uncomfortable to eat and heaven forbid, difficult to talk.  Timing could not have been worse as we were preparing to go away on vacation which included a family reunion camping weekend.   I had been looking forward to this weekend ever since the last reunion a year before.  I knew my husband was concerned that I was not up to making the trip.  I was starting to question it myself until I received an unexpected message.  

Walking The Labyrinth

l11 circuit labyrinthI have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in several Labyrinth walks over the past 10 years.  Each time the journey has been different and each time it has been a spiritual journey for me.  I have shed tears, released grief and anger, I have learned lessons about myself and how to deal with the challenges in my life.  I have also received inspiration and guidance for my future.  I have laughed and I have danced both inwardly and physically.



Does Your Cup Runneth Over?

My Bowl of Plent

My Bowl of Plent

Earlier this month we celebrated my son’s 21st birthday and it made me stop and realize how quickly time passes.  Milestones such as his recent birthday, always seem to be a time for reflection and remembering.  Remembering our little baby so cute and innocent.  Remembering how grateful I was to be his mother and the wonder of bringing another life into this world.  Reflecting upon the way we brought him up.  The things we did or didn’t do.  What was helpful and what things may not have been the best.  Looking back and reflecting on these things provides me the opportunity to see what lessons we could learn from all we have done.  Did we learn from these lessons?  What did we learn and how did we apply that new knowledge.