Affirmations – The Doorways to Health, Happiness and Success

Dorrway with open doorI was talking with a friend the other day and we were discussing affirmations and their positive impacts they can have on our lives.    The Free Dictionary by Falex states that an affirmation is; ”Something declared to be true, a positive statement or judgment. A statement intended to provide encouragement, emotional support, or motivation, especially when used for the purpose of autosuggestions. “    My friend shared with me the story of  Émile Coué, a pharmacist and eventually psychologist, who used “optimistic autosuggestion” when giving customers their prescriptions. 

Feel Like A Kid Again!

Coloured MandellaIt is getting close to Christmas time again so you might have thought that the title of this newsletter was about making your wish list for Santa.  Although that would be an interesting activity it is not what I planned on sharing with you today.  Instead I want to share with you the fun and benefits of one of my favourite childhood past times.  Did you know that colouring has become a popular past time for adults as a stress reliever and a tool to release our creative juices.  I never thought I would be spending an enjoyable evening with my 90 year old father colouring or with my 50+ girlfriends as our girls night out activity. The most amazing thing is that I never would have expected to have an  “Ah Ha” moment while colouring. 

Helping Yourself to Heal

There is Hope!

There is Hope!


February started off with a great flurry of snow and wind.  How will it end?  No one knows for certain, not even the groundhogs.  Wiarton Willie says it will be an early Spring.  Shubenacadie Sam says no.  And then there is the Wisconsin groundhog who instead of saying the bite will be taken out of winter, he took a bite of the mayors ear!  (Apparently the incident occurred after the groundhog failed to see his shadow so he too weighed in on the side of an early spring.)   Early Spring or a late Spring all I know for certain is that spring will arrive at some time and we are unable to do anything to speed it up. 

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Rx – Give Yourself A Shot of Positivity

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You Reap What you Sow


Did you know that your words, your thoughts and your actions all have an impact on your immune system?  Negative thoughts, words and actions weaken the body.  If the body is weakened it is not as able to fight infection as a body that is in a stronger state.  In essence, negativity has a negative impact on our immune system and our overall health.  We harvest not only what we sow but also what we say, see, hear and feel.