General Information

Reiki Practice Nights

Ongoing support of my students is a key goal in my practice.   Practice Nights (often referred to as Reiki Share) aid in further increasing your knowledge and deepening your connection to the Reiki energy.  Students join together and have an opportunity to share their Reiki experiences, ask questions and learn from others.  Practice nights  may also include a meditation, review of teachings, introduction to new techniques and exchanging of Reiki treatments.

At this time practice nights are open to anyone with the required Reiki degree regardless of where they received their Reiki training.  My objective is to provide the opportunities for any Reiki student to develop and grow in their Reiki experience.  

I try and include practice night dates in my newsletters.    I also send out a notification in advance of a practice night to my  students and those who have studied with other teachers and indicated their interest in attending practice nights.  If you have Reiki training and are interested in joining us on practice night please send me an email using the form found on the Contact tab of this website.  I will add you to the distribution list for my newsletter and practice night notifications.  

A  contribution of $20 or as you are able or guided would be greatly appreciated. 

Practice nights are held in my home studio at 845 Farnham Grove, London.  Please call ahead or use the sign up form to let us know that you are coming.

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