3rd Degree – Advanced Reiki Training

3rd Degree – Advanced Reiki Training 

This training class includes an attunement to the degree, introduces you to another symbol and additional techniques for giving treatments and distant healings.  You will also learn how to give a healing attunement.   It is suggested that you have at least 6 months between the Level 2 and ART Class to ensure you have integrated the energy and trainings from the second degree.  Classes are $250 (no HST and includes training manual) and are 7 hours in length.   The audit fee for students who wish to attend the class and have already received ART Reiki Training is $150.

Payment by Cash or Cheque or E Transfer only.

Note – to take the Reiki Master Level you must first complete the Advanced Reiki Training.

Class outline includes:

  • Opening meditation
  • Using Crystals and stones to send Reiki.
  • Making a Reiki grid to continuously send distance Reiki, personal healings, goals and manifestations.
  • Introduction to the Usui master symbol, what it means, how to draw and use it.
  • Advanced Reiki Attunement
  • Practice giving Reiki treatments using the new symbol.
  • Moving meditation
  • Healing Attunement and how to give it.
  • Reiki Meditation to help strengthen your mind, expand your consciousness and help you recognize changes in the Reiki energy
  • Reiki Aura Clearing

Check for upcoming classes here Class Schedule

Call 519-471-3439 today to register or email energyworksnaturally@bell.net 

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