Learning Reiki

Learning Reiki

Anyone at any age can easily learn Reiki.   There are a series of 4 levels or degrees which include attunements to the Reiki energy.  Reiki knowledge and attunements are passed on from teacher to student during the training session.  The attunement is what makes Reiki unique from other healing systems. The attunement opens the student’s energy systems enabling them to channel the energy.  It also connects the student to the source of the Reiki energy.

It is not necessary to take all of the levels of Reiki.  Once you have completed your first degree and the attunement you will have the life long ability to channel Reiki.  You can do self healing treatments and treatments on others.  Further levels of training introduce the Reiki symbols and other techniques to use when giving Reiki treatments.  The symbols and associated attunements provide further uses of Reiki and increases its strength and your connection to the energy.  It is necessary to take the degrees in sequence as each degree builds upon the training from the previous degrees.

The class outlines and fee structure are listed with the description of each degree.  Please note that these are the regular fee charges.  If your life circumstances do not permit you to attend at this time due to the recommended fee, please contact me directly at energyworksnaturally@bell.net or 519-471-3439.  Every effort will be made to come to an agreeable arrangement in a confidential and courteous manner

I am an Professional Member of The International Centre for Reiki Training and use the training manuals published through the Centre.  Each student will receive a copy of the training manual included in the fee for the course.

Payments by Cash or Cheque only.

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