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January 2018  Listening – Could Save a Life!

March 2016 Our Life Paths – Flowing Like a River

February 2016  Affirmations – The Doorways to Health, Happiness and Success

December 2015  Feeling Like a Kid Again!

September 2015  A Time to Revitalize and A Time for New Beginnings

February 2015  Helping Yourself  Heal

December 2014  Are the Days Getting Shorter?

September 2014  Are You A “Spectator of Life?”

July 2014  Thank Goodness for Reiki

June 2014  The Letter Of Gratitude

May 2014  Heightened Awareness

April 2014  Walking the Labyrinth 

March 2014  Moving Outside Our Comfort Zone

February 2014  Does Your Cup Runneth Over?

January 2014  What is your vision 

December 2013 Peace Be With You  

November 2013   Rx – Give Yourself A Shot of Positivity

October 2013  What Do You Fear?

September 2013  Visualizations and Intentions Can Help Us Heal!

August 2013  Do You Love Yourself – Unconditionally?

July 2013  Do You Know Your Sacred Spaces

June 2013  Will Reiki Experience a Paradigm Shift?

May 2013  Are You Listening To Your Body?

April 2013  The Itch to Pitch…

March 2013  When You’re Smiling

February 2013 Your interest in Reiki and Energy Work may go back to a past life! Want to find out?

January 2013  New Year Resolutions – Do You Make Them and Break Them? 

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