Are You Listening To Your Body?


image of person with chakras shownIt was Friday afternoon last April and I was looking forward to our traditional “Spaghetti Night” dinner and relaxing weekend with my husband.  A friend sent me a text asking if I would like to go to a Shamanic Journey practice night.  I felt a tingling sensation run through me as I texted her back to say that I would go.   Somehow I had a sense that I was meant to go to this practice night.  There was a message that I needed to get.  My instincts were not wrong.  If anything, I think they may have under sensed what I was about to experience.

The Itch to Pitch

Thanks to my sister for this needlepoint picture.

Thanks to my sister for this needlepoint picture.

Many studies have shown that there are health benefits of being organized including less stress, improved energy and improvement in overall health.    The clutter of every day living means we have more and more things to organize.  Removing the clutter and having some handy tricks will help make it easier   to reduce our stress levels and get us well on our way to having time to enjoy this beautiful season. 

When You’re Smiling…

pciture of baby smiling

When You’re Smiling…

During Reiki classes I always emphasize listening to your body.  Your body will let you know what it needs and will warn you if things are going amiss.  Well, I have to admit that I am human.  Last week I was a poor listener when my body started a conversation with my mind.

Wednesday February 6th – Past Life Regression Meditation

Reiki hands

Have you ever wondered why you are interested in Reiki or in any form of naturally healing and energy work?  Well have I got a night planned for you! 

On Wednesday February 6th we will have a special guest and will be doing a special program in lieu of our regular Reiki Practice night.  The night will also be open to anyone even if they have not taken any Reiki training.  Our special guest will be, Charles Price.  Charles will lead us in a Past Life Regression Meditation.  He will guide us through to a life where you may have done some type of healing working.  This may lend us some understanding as to why we are attracted to do energy healing or have these natural treatments in this lifetime.

Good Friends Are Good For You – February 2013 Newsletter

Picture of boy and girl with kites

Good Friends

The shortest month of the year already has 2 special days and yet I want to add one more?  Valentine’s Day is for those in love.  Family day is a special day to stop and appreciate our families.  But what about those other really important people in our lives – our friends?  Where would we be and who would we be without them.  Why not celebrate “Friends Day? “

Our health is important and people strive to attain and maintain their health by taking vitamins and supplements, workout regularly, eating properly, meditating and even Reiki. J    Have you ever thought about your friends and how they help you stay healthy? 

New Year Resolutions – Do You Make Them and Break Them?

Road Sign 2013 Ahead

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What holds us back from keeping our New Years Resolutions?  Do we base them on what the media and social influences lead us to believe are important or on what we believe to be important in our lives?  Are they an expression of our real desires?  

A Christmas to Remember

 The church restored after the fire.

 The joy of Christmas was brought to a crashing halt early Christmas Eve morning 1986.  We had arrived at my parent’s home inMidlandthe night before along with my brother’s family.  We did not yet have children of our own so we were really looking forward to experiencing Christmas morning with 2 children.  Two children who had little sleep for almost a week in expectation for the arrival of Santa!  We were sitting around the kitchen table when my mother returned home after running a few errands.  She was visibly upset and told us the news that there had been a fire at the church in the early morning hours.  The church was basically gutted.  Fortunately there was no loss of life but this was a huge loss to the people within the community.  Growing up in a small town everyone is touched by such a loss even if you did not attend the church.  For those who did attend there were so many memories of the monumental life events that they had celebrated in the church.  

It Is Monday So It Must Be Fish For Dinner!

I Can Do It!


One of the highlights of my recent trip with my father was a visit we had with his 96 year old cousin.  His cousin was in a long term care facility and she suffers from dementia.  Somehow my father was able to connect with her and she remembered who he was.  She suddenly made the grand pronouncement that she was going to make us dinner.  “We have not had a roast of pork in a long time and I am going to make it for you.”  Her whole energy changed however when she realized what day it was.  “Oh, we can’t have pork.  Today is Monday so we have to have fish for dinner.”  We laughed at first but then I began thinking about routines, habits and beliefs.  Why was this grown woman, with 96 years of life experiences, still so entrenched in the belief that she had to cook fish because it was Monday?  Would pork not cook if it was Monday?  

Does Your Daily Routine Include A Minute To Give thanks?

I love Thanksgiving.  I love all of the holidays but somehow Thanksgiving holds a special spot in my heart.  I think that the time of year and the simplicity of Thanksgiving makes it so special.  Sweaters come out of the closet as the weather becomes a little cooler.  I so look forward to that first time putting on a sweater on a cool evening.  Every time I put on a sweater it feels like I am receiving a warm embracing hug.  (I will admit that by the end of winter I am no longer in need a close embrace from a sweater but rather a little space!) 
For Thanksgiving holiday I don’t have to worry about buying gifts, hiding chocolate, preparing to go camping, fireworks or getting things ready for back to school.  Everyone has gone back to their routines of work and school and the first long weekend is greated with great anticipation.  The house is cool enough to turn on the oven and I am in the mood to prepare a big dinner with all of my favourite foods. But these are just a few of the great things about Thanksgiving.   

Caregiver scores 15 in scrabble. What is your score?

 The month started off with a bang – literally. 

I general inquiry went out by a family friend asking if we knew anyone who could watch their dog while they were away.  The trip was a last minute adventure and they were having trouble finding a dog sitter.  I recommended a friend, they met with her and all was well in doggy land.  Our friends left on their 2 week trip on Friday.    Saturday morning I received a phone call that the pet sitter and the dog had been in a car accident.  The dog was uninjured but it turns out the sitter had a broken foot.  Not what you need when you are watching a big, friendly dog who needs to go out for walks.    In the matter of a split second, the care was it and  the caregiver became one who needed care.