The Roller Coaster took another few sharp turns and then … August Newsletter Feature Article

The Roller Coaster took another few sharp turns and then a 360o loop at the end.

That roller coaster ride from last month continued but fortunately it was not due to physical pain this time. This time it was about life’s lessons and learning to put things into perspective.

From Pain To Gratitude – July 2012 Newsletter Feature Article

From Pain to Gratitude

I had some hints that things might be out of whack. I had some dental work done earlier in the month. I lifted some things that were heavier than I should be lifting. I cut the lawn and did some gardening. I hit some golf balls at the golf range. I thought that these may bring on a burning type of pain in the lower jaw but the sudden electrical bolts were a rude awakening in the middle of the night.

Saying Thanks – June 2012 Newsletter Feature Article

Saying Thanks

On our way back to the car, on a cold February night, I spotted a familiar dull, dark object on the ground. I bent down to claim my prize find. Triumphantly I stood up, put my prize inside my mitt and we continued on our way. The cold object started to warm up inside my mitt and I was pleased with myself for having rescued it from the frozen sidewalk.

The Key to My Hidden Treasure – Feature Article from May 2012 Newsletter

The Key to My Hidden Treasure

I have always been attracted to bargain bins, garage sales and rummage sales. I marvel at those people who have their unique items assessed, during the Antique Road Show, at values hundreds or thousands of times higher than what the owner had originally paid. Always on the lookout for that necessary kitchen gadget or hidden treasure, I venture off twice a year to work at our church rummage sale. I found that treasure this time but not where, nor how I had expected to find it. Unknowingly, I have carried the secret key to that treasure inside of me for over 25 years.

Do You Think Positively – April Newsletter Feature Article.

Wasn’t the weather in March phenomenal? Not only did I enjoy the beauty of the early arrival of Spring, but I also learned that I need to focus more on thinking positively.

I can’t believe how many people (and I admit I caught myself a few times) who said:

” Sure this weather is great but how long can this last?”


“But, we will still get some more snow!”


“It is way too early and everything is going to die when it gets cold again”.