Are You Listening To Your Body?


image of person with chakras shownIt was Friday afternoon last April and I was looking forward to our traditional “Spaghetti Night” dinner and relaxing weekend with my husband.  A friend sent me a text asking if I would like to go to a Shamanic Journey practice night.  I felt a tingling sensation run through me as I texted her back to say that I would go.   Somehow I had a sense that I was meant to go to this practice night.  There was a message that I needed to get.  My instincts were not wrong.  If anything, I think they may have under sensed what I was about to experience.

Many of you may be wondering what a Shamanic Journey is.  Here is a brief explanation that will hopefully help you understand.  A Shamanic Journey is a process used to help the person enter an altered state of consciousness.  The practitioner usually listens to a constant percussion beat to help them enter this state.   One can journey to get an answer to a question or to get a message for themselves or others.   That night I journeyed to try to find out if something was holding me back from being able to do visualizations for healing.  

Earlier in the month I had been reading the book “DreamHealer” by Adam.  Adam was only 15 years old when he discovered he had the ability to use energetic intention and visualizations to help someone heal.  Somehow I really resonated with what I was reading and felt a real familiarity with what he was describing.  I was fascinated by the things he was describing in the book and I tried doing some of the visualizations.   For some reason though, I kept losing focus when I was trying to work with cancer within the body.  I was just not able to visualize it as he described.  I did not feel that it was due to a lack of belief in the process as it just felt so right and familiar to me but I was not sure.  Maybe subconsciously I had a block.  

That night I decided that I would journey to ask my guides and teachers if I had a limiting belief that was holding me back and to seek their guidance as to how I was to visualize cancer.   The journey began by setting my intention and getting to a meditative state by listening to the constant beat of the drum.  When you journeys you are aware of what is going on in this dream like state.  For me I get visions and an instinctive “knowing.”  It is difficult to explain but it is like hearing a message without really hearing or seeing with your ears and your eyes in the way we normally would.  

I was met by a guide with whom I was familiar from previous journeys and meditations.  I asked if she was going to help me find the answer to my questions.  She smiled at me with a quizzical grin.  (I likened it to the  ‘Cheshire cat” who knows something that you don’t know.)  Somehow I knew I was in for a surprise.  Another guide stepped forward.  I knew instinctively that he was the one who would be the teacher that night.  I told him that I believed that the type of healing work that Adam did was possible and asked why I was not able to visualize it as Adam did.  I instantly sensed that what Adam saw and did was not wrong, but it was not the way for me.  After the journey was over I immediately wrote about my experience.  Here is what  what I wrote in my journal.  The only change is that I was using a specific person during the journey and I have not used her name.   

“I suddenly saw a shimmering outline of a body and a red ball at the breast.  I asked if I should try and visualize the cancers cells as dying but instead I felt that I should be releasing these cells – like they have been doing something against their nature.  Releasing them to go back to their true nature.  They were the hero cells that agreed to go against their true nature to show the person that there is a problem that she needs to address.  The body’s last straw in trying to get her to resolve some issue that is needing resolution.  Now that she knows – thank the cells and release them to go back to the happy, healthy cells they once were – their  true nature.  I then watched the red ball with green cells merge and turn blue – God’s loving light.”  

I felt guided to tell about this experience and information that night when it was my turn to share.   Since then I have only shared this with a few people.  It did not feel like it was the right time.   It was only after reading Anita Moorjani’s book “Dying to Be Me” and hearing her speak about her Near Death Experience, that I felt guided to start to share the message I received last April during this phenomenal shamanic journey.  If it helps even just one person it was worth sharing.  Please feel free to pass it on.  

We need to stop and listen to our body’s message.  Our bodies give us subtle, sometimes bang over the head with a frying pan, type of messages.  Reflect on what it is that your body is trying to tell you and listen to the answers you receive.  Trust in your instinct and believe. 

 For those who are wondering – the teacher who came forth to me that night was Jesus.        

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