Finding Your Sacred Spaces

 Picture of Praires by EosxtiAnyone who knows me knows that I love to travel.  Unlike many people, I enjoy travelling by car, driving for hours on end.  I think this love really started during our first trip driving out west to visit family in Banff, Alberta.  Our children were small, just 6 and 3 years old at the time.  People thought we were crazy to head off on such a long trip.  I have to admit that I was a little uncertain as to how things would go.  To make the drive easier we would start out early each morning around 5 or 6 a.m.  The children and my husband would quickly fall sound asleep and we were able to get about 3 or 4 solid hours of driving in before we would stop for breakfast.  This early morning driving time was my shift.  Although I am not normally an early riser I cherished this time as it gave me the solitude during which I was able to enjoy the beauty of the sunrise and the landscape surrounding me.  It was during one of these early morning drives when I found my first “Sacred Space.”   It was about 6 o’clock  in the morning and we were going through the prairies.  Other than a garbage truck I had not seen any other vehicles on the road since our departure about an hour earlier. I was suddenly overwhelmed with joy as I was witness to the most beautiful sunrise with a full spectrum of glorious colours.  The rays of the sun touched the vast and beautiful lush green fields and yellow fields.  The view went on forever in all directions.  I felt my heart opening up like the petals of a beautiful flower opening for the first time then reaching out to capture the suns rays.  The comfort of knowing that I was safe, with my family and that we were part of this beautiful creation was overwhelming.  I actually started to cry with tears of joy.   Writing this now, almost 20 years later, I can still feel that beautiful state of total bliss that I experienced that morning.

We are all individual and what one experiences as something special, others may  not.  I can clearly recall that during that  trip and subsequent trips driving across the prairies,  I would get so excited and I would just blurt out  “Isn’t it just so beautiful!”  The response, or should I say groan, was always the same,  “It is flat and green and goes on forever”   They obviously did not share in the joy I felt at the time. 

Your sacred space may not be associated with an actual physical location.  It is important to be open to receive and to recognize your special moments, places or things.  Those times when you feel that level of joy, connectedness, inspiration and vitality.  When you feel like every cell within you is awake and alive.  These are your “Sacred Spaces” within you.  Use all of your senses to capture the moment and to imprint it in your memory.  Setting your intention that you will be able to recall this feeling and experience any time you want, will help you to retain this in your consciousness.  To further anchor these feeling you can touch a part of your body, for example, a spot on your arm.  Hold your finger on that spot while you mentally make a connection between these feelings you are experiencing and that spot on your body.   Intend that whenever you touch this spot on your body you will experience that feeling.  It is amazing and it works. 

That experience on the prairies that early morning drive is just one of many sacred places that I now hold within me.   One of the places, that I reflect back upon when I need to retreat within myself and experience that sense of love and bliss.  Take time this summer to really sense and feel life and hold onto your special moments.  Anchor those feelings in your memory bank.  Carry them within you.  Use them during meditation.  Use them when you feel the need for grounding and when you prepare to do Reiki.  Take comfort in knowing that you can re experience those wonderful feelings anytime and use them to help you when you need it most.  

I wish you a happy, healthy and safe summer full of wonderful “Sacred Space” experiences.

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