From Pain To Gratitude – July 2012 Newsletter Feature Article

From Pain to Gratitude

I had some hints that things might be out of whack. I had some dental work done earlier in the month. I lifted some things that were heavier than I should be lifting. I cut the lawn and did some gardening. I hit some golf balls at the golf range. I thought that these may bring on a burning type of pain in the lower jaw but the sudden electrical bolts were a rude awakening in the middle of the night.

In every cloud there is a silver lining. In the middle of the night I sat still in a comfy chair and gave myself Reiki and I received relief. I could feel the warmth from my hands and I was able to calm down and relax rather than panicking which would only make the situation worse. Sitting there, with my hands on my face, I realized once again how grateful I was for having the ability to do something for myself to help me heal. I did not feel helpless as I had in the past. I knew I could get through it. Fortunately the shock like pain lasted for only a few hours that night. The pain that followed was more tolerable and with the added harmonization of Reiki, Chiropractic and Osteopathic care I was back to doing my regular things within a few days. I actually played 18 holes of golf in our church tournament that weekend!

Reiki works with other therapies such as chiropractic, massage, acupuncture to name only a few. It also works with conventional medicine (Western Medicine). Reiki is often referred to as a Complimentary Therapy I believe that it is not something that merely compliments but that it actually works in harmony with whatever you are using or doing to help you get back in balance and get well. I think of healing as choir singing in harmony creating the most beautiful music. I encourage everyone to listen to their body. Trust your intuition and use whatever forms of therapy, including Western medicine, as you are guided. The key is harmonizing all of your efforts to attain and maintain your health and well being.

Having Reiki has given me the power to do something to help myself to feel better during those dark and scary moments. I feel so blessed to have been able to find a harmonious treatment plan that is working for me. It helps me sustain the benefits of the other therapies that I use. It helps me be involved and not solely reliant on others for my relief. It works in harmony with everything that I do to attain my health and retain it.

This recent downhill ride of that roller coaster helped re-energize me. It reinforced why I am so passionate about helping others to be an active participant in their health and well being. Please take stock of the health of you and your family. See how Reiki is helping, or could help, you and your family in reaching the harmonious state of health and happiness.

Take Care and Keep Smiling,

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