Our life paths – flowing like a river.

River by Robert Servais

I was recently in touch with a cousin with whom I had not spoken for quite some time.  We talked about what we are currently doing and also spoke about how we feel we came to be at this point in our journey.  I have been thinking a lot about what she said and I thought I would share some it today in this newsletter.

One day while she was out hiking she saw the water of a river flowing over a cliff, landing on the rocks below then continuing on its path.  She saw the symbolism of the river being like her path in life.  The river is always moving forward, sometimes more slowly than others.  There are bends and turns through which the river flows.  Sometimes there are drops in elevation such as at those falls she saw on her walk.  These drops are like moving to another plane, a different perspective.  Sometimes the river dries up a little but there is always the hope of rain and winter run off to nurture the river and rejuvenate it.   No matter where the river goes, what ground it covers or how fast or slow it flows, the river moves forward.  It provides nourishment and life to so many animals and plants and it is in turn rejuvenated with the rain and inflow from tributaries and the spring runoff.  She has learned to trust that she is moving forward along her journey and in so doing, like the river, she is supporting others and the earth around her.  

river and rainbowWhen I first heard the song  “Watching the River Run” by Loggins and Messina  I fell in love with it.  Every time I go for a walk along a stream or along the beach I can hear that song playing in my head.  Something about the song just touched me to the core as did my cousin’s story of her life as a river. 
  This song brings new meaning to me after speaking with my cousin that night. Her words and the words of the song have helped me further understand and unravel some of the mystery of my journey thus far and will carry these words and thoughts with me  as I continue this life’s journey.    

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First photo was taken by Robert Servais and second Kim Doan

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