Good Friends Are Good For You – February 2013 Newsletter

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Good Friends

The shortest month of the year already has 2 special days and yet I want to add one more?  Valentine’s Day is for those in love.  Family day is a special day to stop and appreciate our families.  But what about those other really important people in our lives – our friends?  Where would we be and who would we be without them.  Why not celebrate “Friends Day? “

Our health is important and people strive to attain and maintain their health by taking vitamins and supplements, workout regularly, eating properly, meditating and even Reiki. J    Have you ever thought about your friends and how they help you stay healthy? 

Friends are there for you when you need help, a laugh, to share special moments in your life and disappointments, in need of a shoulder to cry on.   As a friend you are there for them too.  People with a close network of friends have better survival rates from major illnesses such as breast cancer and heart disease.   Having good friends can improve self-esteem, reduce the risk of depression, reduce stress, increase longevity and even help with maintaining mental capacity as we age. 

Here are just a few signs of a true friend.  In reality I believe the list is endless as is the love of a true friend. 

  • They want and try to help you be the best you can be.
  • They show true empathy and compassion.
  • They are honest with you when others may only tell you what you want to hear. 
  • You can trust them and they can trust you.
  • You enjoy being with them.
  • You can be who you really are, express your opinion, share your feelings and thoughts, and make mistakes knowing that they are not judging you.
  • You can freely laugh, cry or sit in silence and still feel completely comfortable and at ease.
  • You may not see them or be in contact for long periods of time but when you are it feels like no time has passed. 
  • You know that they are always there for you and just a phone call away.  You are the same for them. 
  • Good friends can make you laugh until you pee and then make you laugh about that!  (I borrowed that from a birthday card I recently read.)

There is no magical number of friends that will equate to better health.  Quality versus quantity is what matters.  Friends do not have to be physically located close to you.  Our world is becoming smaller.  We have more ways to keep in touch with our friends whether they live next door or half way around the world, yet, somehow many of us seem to have let our friends take a back seat to our everyday lives and commitments.  

With this recent cold weather everyone was saying that they just wanted to “hunker down” in the house and stay warm.  Why not warm your heart and someone else’s by making a phone call to say; “Hi and thanks for being my friend.”  You can pick the day(s) and time(s).  Get in touch with some of the friends that you haven’t seen or heard from for a while.  Keep those friendships growing and glowing. 

Can there be anything more enjoyable on a cold February night than touching base with a good friend?  What makes it even better – it is good for your health!

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