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There is Hope!

There is Hope!


February started off with a great flurry of snow and wind.  How will it end?  No one knows for certain, not even the groundhogs.  Wiarton Willie says it will be an early Spring.  Shubenacadie Sam says no.  And then there is the Wisconsin groundhog who instead of saying the bite will be taken out of winter, he took a bite of the mayors ear!  (Apparently the incident occurred after the groundhog failed to see his shadow so he too weighed in on the side of an early spring.)   Early Spring or a late Spring all I know for certain is that spring will arrive at some time and we are unable to do anything to speed it up. 

 Ground Hog day and the coming of Spring started me thinking about a book I have been reading, ”Radical Remission-Surviving Cancer At All Odds” by Kelly A. Turner PH. D.   I know you are asking yourself – “how can Ground Hog day have anything to do with this topic?”  I myself am not sure how my mind sees these connections but I it did and I will share them with you. 

 People all over the US and Canada wait for news on the groundhogs ability to see his own shadow.  It is such a momentous occasion that the radio waves and newspapers are full of news of the rodents predictions of the coming of Spring.  Here is the irony that I see of the situation between Groundhog Day and Kelly Turner’s book on Radical Remissions.  How can we give so much of the newsworthy space in the papers and on radio to cover the shadow predications of a lowly groundhog yet we never hear about the cancer patients who experience spontaneous remissions?  Kelly was so surprised when she heard about spontaneous remissions and she starting questioned why was this not news worthy?  She was even more surprised when she started doing some research and discovered that there were over a thousand documented cases.  No one was talking about them and she found that there was no one seriously investigating them and tracking them,.  She decided to return to obtain her Ph. D. in research and to dedicate her life to getting the word out and finding out what these people did that resulted in these radical remissions.

I have found Kelly’s book very interesting and inspiring.. In her book she talks about the things that were common to those who experienced radical remissions.  She has interviewed over 1,000 people around the world as well as reviewed the documented cases in the medical journals.  Kelly found 9 common elements that these people did as part of their attempts to heal.  There were many other factors that people incoroporated into their healing journey, “but almost every person mentioned doing the same nine things in order to help heal their cancer.” 1

 “These nine key factors for Radical Remission are:

  • Radically changing your diet
  • Taking control of your health
  • Following your intuition
  • Using herbs and supplements
  • Releasing suppressed emotions
  • Increasing positive emotions
  • Embracing social support
  • Deepening your spiritual connection
  • Having strong reasons for living. “2

 One of the key things these people undertook  was to  became active participants in their healing and they were able to improve  their health situation. . That was the second ironic connection I made between groundhog day and Kelly’s book.  

 People put a lot of effort into Ground Hog day celebrations.  They get up out of a warm bed, get clad in their warm clothing to go stand outside on a cold February morning.  They warm their hands and body with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee waiting to hear the grand shadow pronouncement.  Sure it is fun and a little crazy.  It gets people out and socializing.  The odd thing is that we all know that Spring will arrive when mother nature intends, regardless of whether or not the ground hog sees his shadow.  The irony of the situation hit me smack in the head.  Crowds of people will do all of this ground hog celebration but their efforts do not influence the outcome.  How many of us are putting effort into our health over which we can have an influence?  How many of us are really taking an active role in our health?  Are we taking take care of ourselves in a way that we can help us reduce the risk of  dis-ease and illness within our bodies?  I can’t preach because I know I can do more.  I am trying to put more focus on health and lifestyle.  I do incorporate many of these 9 factors into my daily life and my ultimate goal is the include all 9. 

Radical remissions are rare even though everyone tries to recover from cancer.  We need to share and find out about these successes because then we will know that there is hope.  I believe that we can learn from those who have had these wonderful experiences.  These lessons may help those diagnosed with cancer to survive and for others they may help to avoid ever having to be in that situation in the first place.   

Give a hand to help others.

Give a hand to help others.

I highly recommend reading Kelly A. Turner’s book “Radical Remission The Nine Key Factors that Can Make a Real Difference. Surviving Canceer Against All Odds.   Let’s  reach out work together to help support one another in achieving health and happiness. 

I have a Reiki healing grid which sends Reiki continuously to those whose names are placed on it.  If you would like to have your name added to the  Healing Grid please send me an email with your name and for what you may be seeing Reiki energy (only if you wish to share that info).   My email is



1,2  Radical Remission, Surviving Cancer At All Odds , Kelly A. Turner, Ph.D., United States, Harper Collins, 2014.  Page 8 ,

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