Are You A “Spectator of Life?”


Friends sharing special moment together watching the sunsetHave you ever really sat back and become a “Spectator of Life?”  I was thrown into that role earlier this month   I did not go willingly but looking back on it, I would have to say it was well worth the experience. 
In early August I had some problems with my jaw which made it very uncomfortable to eat and heaven forbid, difficult to talk.  Timing could not have been worse as we were preparing to go away on vacation which included a family reunion camping weekend.   I had been looking forward to this weekend ever since the last reunion a year before.  I knew my husband was concerned that I was not up to making the trip.  I was starting to question it myself until I received an unexpected message.  

I attended my regular yoga class as I knew that this would help to relieve the tension As part of the closing ritual our instructor, Helena Bugler, speads out several decks of oracle cards.  With eyes closed, I ran my hand above the area where the cards were laying.  I remember being guided to a specific area and I clearly recall pulling a card that was hidden underneath other cards.  When I opened my eyes to read the card I was amazed at the card’s message.  “Observe!”  Here I was, unable to talk, worried about missing our trip, and I am given the message to observe.  I instantly knew that I was going to go to the reunion and that I would have a great time.  I was to be a spectator.    To sit back, observe, reflect and learn.  A different type of roll for me as I am usually in there like a dirty shirt, playing all of the games, Joining all of the activities and joking and laughing at all of the antics.  Some would say that I should include, giving out orders, to the list too.  J    I was to be the observer.  There were lessons for me and I was to discover them through observation. 

Being the observer gave me a different perspective.  I truly saw and heard the beauty of the nature around us.  I heard the wind rustling the leaves of the tall trees.  I felt the calmness and the serenity of the clear lake.  I watched the gorgeous sunsets.  I gained insights into our family’s dynamics and what makes us click.    Everyone sharing their stories, experiences, hopes and dreams.  The laughter, hugs, holding of hands and the comfort everyone felt in just being themselves and being together.

I was reminded of a woman I knew who once told me:  “Family – they are only good for pictures!”  After truly observing our family together. I know for certain that there is so much more than just pictures that keeps us together.  We are all learning that life is too short and that we need to capture the moments in our hearts and not just with our cameras.  We are learning that we can enjoy each moment, even the challenging ones.  We can share the joy of life and we can laugh.  

One other insight was that I realized that we don’t have to be related to have this type of “family experience.”  I received several notes of encouragement and concern while I was working to heal from this jaw pain.   I had people from my Reiki family sending me Reiki.  I had friends checking in on me.  I felt I had a huge extended family surrounding me, hugging me and holding my hand through the challenges.  Thank you to everyone.  I have recovered and I am learning to consciously include time to be a “Spectator of this Wonderful Life!”  Try being the observer for a while and reflect upon what you see, hear and feel.  You may be surprised to find that you are not truly being witness to the amazing things in your life.     


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