The Roller Coaster took another few sharp turns and then … August Newsletter Feature Article

The Roller Coaster took another few sharp turns and then a 360o loop at the end.

That roller coaster ride from last month continued but fortunately it was not due to physical pain this time. This time it was about life’s lessons and learning to put things into perspective.

There is no better way to start the summer off than with a long weekend. It seems that this weekend sparks a change in everyone. People seem more relaxed and the pace of life seems to slow down. We had our annual July 1st street party and fireworks which was a great way to start things off on the right foot. We had vacation plans for the week of July 16th and everything was shaping up for a great time. Our children were going to be able to join us for a few days of camping at our favourite campground, Awenda. This campground is close to my parents so it also provides us the opportunity to spend more time with them. Then came the first wild turn on the roller coaster ride.

I discovered I had a virus on my website. On occasion it would redirect the person from my site to an alternate site. Although the new site varied it was generally a picture of “Emma Watson” sitting on the toilet. Rather appropriate because getting a virus on the website really stunk and it was a messy job to get it cleaned up. J

I toiled and stressed over this website virus for quite some time. We reloaded backups and I still had it. We reloaded an older backup and it appeared that I still had the problem. I was losing sleep over this as I was “blacklisted” by google. A fate that I was sure would cause me great grief and agony. Finally on the night before I was leaving on vacation I decided to hire a company. They said they would validate the site, clear any malware and remove me from the dreaded “Google blacklist.” I had a response back from them by 10 a.m. the following morning. I spent the rest of the morning changing passwords and ensuring that they key components of the site were updated as I had to upload an older version. I didn’t get away to start my vacation until 1:30 and I was tired. Around 4p.m. I received an email that I was no longer “black listed.” I felt like my vacation could finally start.

We had a great campsite in a great park and I had my family with me. This was our first time using the camper in a couple of years and it was nice to finally be camping again. We enjoyed doing the familiar things. Reading, relaxing, card games, biking, swimming, campfires and of course…. Smores.

On Wednesday my daughter left and my son and husband went to play golf. I went to the hospital with my mother to see my aunt. She had been admitted to palliative care as she was suffering from the end phases of cancer. I had given her a Reiki treatment when she was first diagnosed with cancer and I had sent Reiki to her often since then. When I went in to see her I asked if it was ok if I did some Reiki and she was happy to have the treatment. Although she was having difficulty breathing she was still very alert and aware of everything around her. When the nurses would come in she told them I was her “Reiki niece.” As I gave her a Reiki treatment she seemed to calm and her breathing did not appear as laboured. She fell asleep for a short time and looked very comfortable.

As I knelt there (it was easier to kneel than to sit in the cramped quarters,) I looked at her and I realized that the saying “Life to too short” is not a saying, but an Awakening. I had expended so much energy worrying about a computer “virus”, while my aunt was dying from cancer. What did it really matter if someone visiting my website ended up seeing Emma sitting on the toilet? Life still goes on if your website gets “blacklisted” by Google. Although people make it out to be the “kiss of death” to be blacklisted, it really paled in comparison to reality as I knelt holding the hand of someone who was literally dying. When my aunt awoke she smiled at me and told me that she felt she could breathe better. That is what really mattered!

My Aunt passed away later that evening and I will always remember how wonderful it was to have had the opportunity to give her a Reiki treatment that day. To help make her more comfortable in those final hours.

She taught me a lot of things throughout my life. I think this last lesson I learned through her that afternoon will be her legacy. “Life is not about quantity but quality”.

Take a look around you and ensure that you see the good in everyone and everything that you are doing. Enjoy the time you have with your loved ones and friends. They won’t remember that you forgot to put out the special dip with the crackers or that you had a few dirty dishes on the counter. They will remember the time that you spent with them, the love and the laughter that you shared.

I have heard all of the great sayings about “Life is too short” and “Enjoy it while you can,”. Taking that 360 degree flip on the roller coaster that Wednesday afternoon really validated for me that these sayings are true. I am trying to take things in stride and to put things into prospective. It is a lesson that may take a lifetime to fully apply and appreciate but I am trying. Will you try too?

Take Care and Keep Smiling,

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