What is Your Vision?


My Vision Board

My Vision Board

At the dawning of the New Year we hear all about resolutions and goals.  Interested in another way to focus energy on what you desire and to help you keep your focus?  Why not prepare a vision board!  A vision board is a poster on which you place photos, words, phrases, drawings of things that you would like to manifest in your life.  The emotions and feelings you have attached to that specific item on the board are what make it such a powerful tool.  It helps you to sense and feel the vision as though you have acquired it.  The process also helps to release unconscious blocks that are holding you back from achieving your vision. 

 If you already have a vision board then why not create a new one?   Before you get busy gathering, cutting and pasting I suggest you take a look at your old board and see what strides you have made in achieving those visions?  Be mindful to take note of the intent behind the items that you have placed on your board.  You may have included a beautiful A Frame cottage on water front property.  Don’t despair if you did not get that specific thing.  Remember the universe will give you what you want but it may not be in the way you expect.  Yes, the acquisition of the cottage may have been your focus but perhaps it was the reason for wanting the cottage that was your real intention.   Did that cottage represent more quiet time in a peaceful surrounding?  A place where you could go to distress?   Being with Nature and/or being more grounded?   

You may be surprised at what you discover when you let go of the literal item, such as the A Frame Cottage and evaluate the item from the perspective of your conscious and subconscious reasons.  Even though I sit in front of my vision board almost every day  I was blown away when I noticed the sky diver in mid flight after jumping off a cliff.   Along with it I had pasted the words; “Reach Your Goals” and other goal oriented quotes.  As I looked at my vision board this morning I realized a much greater significance that this vision photo had on my life this year.  In a previous article I talked about how I was able to overcome my fear of heights enough to go out and stand on the glass bottomed floor of the Willis (formerly Sears) tower in Chicago.  I think that my vision board helped me to subconsciously and consciously release the anxiety that I held of being at such heights.  Coincidence?  

Here are some suggestions for making a vision board.  As I always say – these are only suggestions.  It is your vision board so follow your intuition and do what feels right for you.  

Think of the vision board as more than just a poster. 

  • As you look through the magazines and newspapers and other source materials notice what really jumps out at you and resonates with you.  It could be a photo, a quote, a singe word.  Whatever feels right then go for it.

  • Don’t question or rationalize just take it.   Remember it may not be the item itself but something that this item may consciously or subconsciously represent.

Don’t Rush

  • You do not have to do your board all in one day.  Go at a pace that feels right for you.  If you feel really inspired with the process and charged up then go for it. 

  • If you aren’t ready to put glue to paper than start by gathering the items that you want to include on your board.  Start a file or place them in a storage box.  I found having a nice brightly coloured folder worked really well.  I keep it  out where I can  see it as a reminder of my intention to gather items and make another board.

  • When you come across something that gets your attention or feels right then put it in the file or box. 

Be prepared

  • Have your cell phone or camera with you to capture the special sunset or item that you may see in a store.

  • Have a note pad or use your cell phone to write down quotes or ideas or items of inspiration.

 Don’t be shy.

  • Don’t let your ego or self talk prevent you from getting a photo you want to include on your board.   I have been known to ask the receptionist if it is possible to take a page from the magazine (the magazines in these places are usually outdated anyway so they don’t seem to mind.)

  • Ask for a photocopy.

  • Use your cell phone to take a photo of the page.  Who cares if people look at you funny.  It puts even more emotion and energy into the photo.   

 Notice any trends.

  • If you are attracted to photos of fresh fruits and vegetables you may want to have a more healthy diet.  If you keep connecting with photos of beautiful nature scenes perhaps you desire more opportunities to connect with nature, be more grounded or maybe travel to these locations.  Only you know what these items you choose for your board mean to you.  Listen to your intuition.

  • If you like, you can take these trends and divide your vision board with a section for each of these areas on which you wish to focus. 

Put your energy into the process. 

  • If you have Reiki, charge up with Reiki and ask that the Reiki flow as you work through the gathering of the items and the preparation of your board.

  • Spend time with each item.  Carefully cut the photo or phrase.  Jazz it up a bit by cutting in a unique pattern.

  • If you are inclined draw some of your own pictures to use.

  •  Write out the phrases in your own hand writing instead of cutting them out or typing them out on the computer.  I was even instructed in a course I once took that using an old fashioned wooden graphite pencil enhances the flow of your energy.  The pencil is made of natural materials and also helps to ground you. The more natural the better. 

 Place your board where you will see it. 

  • Yes your energy and passion went into making the board but hiding it behind the piano or in a closet does not help you keep you connected.

 Use some helpful reminders that you will see several times a day. 

  • My favourite colours are purple and green  These colours represent peace and nature and they help me to feel grounded. .  These are also the colours of my business logo.  I have a green clasp which holds my keys and I have a purple identifier on my house key.  When I see these I am reminded of my vision of peace and harmony in my life, my home and my business.

  • You can carry a bookmark, use a screen saver, make a photo of your vision board, whatever helps you to stay connected with your vision. 

 Be open to receive.

  • We do not always get things in the way we expect them so be open to receive and watch for subtle affirmations that you are receiving what you desire.  Just like the A Frame cottage – it may not be the literal item you were seeking but what it represents.

  • If you are writing down things for which you are grateful take a look at how these items fit in with what you have on your vision board.

 Review and refresh your vision board.

  • Notice what you have attained, what you see and how you feel. 

  • Update your board as you feel guided.   There are no hard and fast rules for updating every 4 weeks or once a quarter.  Listen to your inner voice and do as you feel guided.

Go with the flow and listen to your inner wisdom.  Each person is unique and so are their vision boards.  

 If you have any other suggestions or experiences you have had with using a vision board please share feel free to share them.    

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