Wednesday February 6th – Past Life Regression Meditation

Reiki hands

Have you ever wondered why you are interested in Reiki or in any form of naturally healing and energy work?  Well have I got a night planned for you! 

On Wednesday February 6th we will have a special guest and will be doing a special program in lieu of our regular Reiki Practice night.  The night will also be open to anyone even if they have not taken any Reiki training.  Our special guest will be, Charles Price.  Charles will lead us in a Past Life Regression Meditation.  He will guide us through to a life where you may have done some type of healing working.  This may lend us some understanding as to why we are attracted to do energy healing or have these natural treatments in this lifetime.

Charles has studied with 3 different teachers and has been regressing people for 25 years.  I recent attended a meditation circle where he led us through a regression.  I found it very fascinating and thought you might too.

We will meet at my studio at 845 Franham Grove London (see contact us page for directions.)  A suggested contribution is   $20  or as you are guided or able.    I invite you to call now at 519-471-3439 or email me at  and book a seat for Wednesday February 6th at 7 p.m. to approx. 9 p.m.   Space is limited so reserve a spot soon.    No Reiki training required to attend this special practice night event. 

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