What Do You Fear?


We are born with only 2 fears  

  • Fear of falling     
  • Fear of loud noises. 

All other fears result from our experiences, exposure, folklore, traditions and superstitions.  All are learned responses.  A child does not instinctively know that a bear is dangerous.  People are not born with the fear of snakes.  Whether a fear is instinctive or learned the end result however is the same.  When one is exposed to something they fear the brain releases chemicals that elevate the heart rate and breathing rate.  Muscles get energized and the fight-or-flight response begins to kick in.   The body starts to shut down certain body functions to allow for more energy to be diverted to the muscles and organs that will be needed to respond to the fear.  There is no need to be digesting food if you are preparing to run from a vicious dog that is charging your way.  Merely thinking of something they fear can often times can stimulate these biological responses.