Quiet the Mind Chatter during Meditation

Mind over Chatter

I have been guided to use an affirmation before my meditations lately.  It is remarkable how this little phrase said before my meditation has helped to quiet the mind chatter during my meditation.

“I can easily recall any important thoughts that enter my mind when my meditation is done.”

By affirming to myself that I can recall these thoughts after the meditation I am able to let go of the thoughts when they do come.  Instead of latching on to the thought and then the progression of thoughts that seemed to follow, I seem to be able to easily let go.  Now if I think about something that needs to go on the shopping list I not only know that I can recall it later but I am not further distracted by all of the other thoughts that would normally pop into my head.  For example, if I need to pick up broccoli my mind would then go on to think about the other ingredients I would need to make the recipe that included the broccoli.  My meditations have become deeper and I have been able to relax more during them.

My suggestion to you is to use your own words when making your affirmation. If it feels comfortable and resonates with you then you are more likely to have success.  It will also be easier to remember what to say and to do this each time you prepare for meditation.



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