How does Reiki Heal

How Does Reiki Heal?

Reiki is the Spiritually Guided (Rei) Life Force energy (ki)

Ki is the life force energy that surrounds us and flows through us.  All of our thoughts, actions and outside influences form part of this life force energy.  The Ki nourishes the organs and cells in our bodies.  This energy flows through our aura into our bodies via pathways called chakras and meridians.    Disruption or imbalance to this energy flow reduces the energy that is needed to provide the nourishment to our organs and cells.  This can lead to illness and dis-ease (not at a state of ease).

Reiki is a spiritually guided life force energy.  The energy knows where to go and what areas and blocks to focus on.  It not only works at the physical level but also works to help clear the negative thoughts, feelings or influences that are disrupting the natural flow of this life force energy.

The Reiki energy flows to the affected areas, charging them with positive energy.  By raising the vibratory level in that area it works to break down the negative influences allowing the Ki to flow more freely.   With the free flowing ki, the organs and tissues are nourished and the healing process is underway.


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