What is Reiki?

What is REIKI

Reiki (pronounce Ray Key) is a natural non-invasive therapy  that promotes healing through stress reduction, relaxation and balancing of your energy systems.   Reiki is a Japanese technique that is used today by millions of people worldwide. The benefit of REIKI to you is an improvement in your overall well being.

Reiki is a gentle  healing technique that helps the muscles and tissues relax resulting in an increase in the blood flow to the treated area.  This helps to reduce stress and pain and quickens the healing process.  Reiki also aids in removing disturbances or blockages in your energy system which, if left unattended, could eventually lead to illness or dis-ease.  By balancing and restoring the body’s energy system to a harmonious state,stress is reduced, pain is relieved, toxins are released and healing can take place at all levels:

        • Physical Healing
        • Mental Healing
        • Emotional Healing
        • Spiritual Healing

Reiki can be used together with “traditional” medical or psychological treatment. Reiki works to improve the results of traditional treatment.  It has been shown to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy with cancer patients, surgery and medications.  Healing times have been shortened and people report that their pain is reduced and often eliminated.  The stress resulting from the following types of conditions can be greatly reduced by Reiki:

        • Illness
        • Surgery
        • Psychological conditions
        • Physical or emotional trauma


When you think of REIKI think of the 3 R’s


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Reiki is not a substitute for your medical care practitioners but is recommended as a complimentary form of care. 

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