My Personal Experience with Reiki

My Personal Experience with Reiki

I was “hooked” from the first time I experienced Reiki.  I was at a trade show and a friend demonstrated Reiki on me to help relieve a sore back.  Hours after that short 10 minute treatment, I could still feel the warmth from her hands and a pulsing sensation in my back.  I had significantly less pain and tightness and I was back to normal within a few days rather than the 2 weeks it would usually take me to recover from this type of injury.

I have suffered intermittently over the last 10 years with an extremey painful nerve condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia.  I have used Reiki complemented by specially designed dental orthodics, chiropractic adjustments and massage to help manage and control the condition.   I use the Gassho mediation, one of the pillars of Reiki, to quickly re-center and calm myself when I experience the pain.  I use my Reiki empowered hands to help diffuse the panic I experience when I get the sharp pains.  Reiki helps me to relax muscles and body and to rebalance the energy flow to the area. 

 I use Reiki regularly to help me maintain optimal health and to help me de-stress and relax each day.  I believe that the use of Reiki has been instrumental in my ability to reduce the incidence, the severity and the duration of the painful “episodes”.  It has helped me to effectively manage this extremely painful and debilitating condition without the use of the pain relieving drugs. 

 Reiki gave me back the sense of control and power over my health.  I can do Reiki on myself when I need it.  I am not just waiting in pain for my next chiropractor or massage appointment to get relief.  I am able to do Reiki on myself to help get relief.   I have personally experienced that sense of hopelessness and lack of control that accompanies pain and stress.  This is why I am so committed to teaching Reiki to others.  I want everyone to be able to do Reiki for themselves and others, enabling them to gain back control of their recovery and overall health.


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